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Exclusive 1-2-1 Training

Exclusive 1-2-1 Training

Your website is one of the most important branding tools you have. It will be the first port of call for many people when they want to learn more about your company, so ensuring that it is fully functional, instantly attractive and very easy to navigate is essential in helping to turn those visitors into customers. 

However creating and managing your digital presence can be a time consuming task – particularly if it is not something you are used to or have any experience in. Launching a website, designing it and keeping it updated takes a long time and can end up distracting you from focusing on growing and developing your business.

How We Can Help

Here at Explore WordPress, we believe that it does not need to be that way. Our weekly or monthly in-person training sessions help to bring like-minded and motivated individuals together and teach them the skills needed to create a truly beautiful website. 

Our aim is to make these a friendly and informative group session that will show you how to successfully design, create and manage your website as well as allowing you to not only be in full control but to also be able to sell your products through it; putting you in front of more customers than ever before! 

Our highly talented team have over 25 years’ experience in website building and management, so know exactly what it takes to run a functional and beautiful website. Using their skills, they will take you through the entire process, step by step, to ensure you are able to enjoy the very best site possible that is guaranteed to put you ahead of your rivals. 

The course is designed to teach you all the skills needed for a modern website and will also show you how to implement a host of user-friendly functionalities including the use of different themes, plug-ins and widgets. We will also show you how to troubleshoot and learn the full ins and outs of the site so you can always fix any problems. Collectively, this will improve user experience by enticing your customer in and making manoeuvring around your website very easy.

Getting Social…

In this modern world, social media is king. That is why these in-person training sessions will also give you the knowledge on how to successfully integrate your various social media platforms into the website; creating a fluid presence across all of your digital platforms. 

So if you are wanting to transform your digital platforms but do not want to pay the expensive fees of a website developer, these fun and interactive group sessions will give you the skills to do just that. More than that however, you will be able to retain complete control of your digital presence; allowing you to update and change your images as required. 

Once you have completed the course, we will provide you with a free 30 day WordPress Instance that you will be able to use and play around with; without worrying about something going wrong! You will also be automatically signed up to our Facebook group where you can see regular updates from our team and also share your experiences and ask questions. 

We have helped hundreds of successful companies already, so if you want to save money and time, get in touch with Explore WordPress today and take control of your website!

Save Time and Money

Create Your Perfect Website in 1 Day

Explore WordPress has been specifically designed to help teach business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs the skills required to design, create and maintain a modern and functional website. 

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