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Business Owner

Are you running your own small business? If so then you are not alone. In the United Kingdom, there were 5.9 million Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the country in 2019 – and trying to maintain your company, find new business and manage your staff is a difficult challenge.

Small business owners face a lot of challenges every single day so it is important that you are able to work with people that you trust and can rely on. For most SMEs, their ability to react and adapt to the changing trends in the market is vital to their success and their growth.


Reaching more customers…

The ability to market your brand and reach your customers is critical to your ongoing success, and in this digital world you need to ensure your website is up to date and fully functional – it will be the first port of call for many potential customers.

However, having that ability to react instantly, whilst simultaneously being able to update and integrate your entire digital presence, is a challenge for many businesses’ owners. The simplest solution is to hire a website developer to design, build and maintain your website for you – however this can be an expensive outlay, something which many companies are unable to afford.

Whilst there are cheaper alternatives out there, these result in more templated designs and lower service levels – meaning you could be stuck waiting for your developer to update your website with the latest news or products. Even worse, if something goes wrong it could be days until your website is back online and operating.

What if there is an alternative? What if you could say goodbye to the expensive fees of web developers and the wasted hours waiting for updates and be able to control your entire digital presence yourself?


How We Can Help

Explore WordPress has been specifically created to help small business owners like you to do just that. Our courses are designed to provide attendees the skills and knowledge to take on the entire website process; putting the power back into their hands.

With two available courses, our unique programme is designed to work around you as a business owner. We offer an in-depth, one day course for those who want to spend more time focusing on improving and growing their business as well as a weekly or monthly in-person training course for those who want a more personal experience with like-minded individuals.

Whichever option you choose, both courses are taught by our highly experienced team – many of whom have over 25 years’ experience in building, designing and maintaining websites. Together, we will show you all of the required skills needed for you to take full control of your digital presence!

Our Training Locations

Meeting Room,London, Explore WordPress
The Wesley Hotel & Conference Venue, 81-103 Euston Street
London, NW1 2EZ United Kingdom
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Grosvenor House, 11 St Paul's Square
Birmingham, B3 1RB United Kingdom
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Meeting Room, Manchester, Explore WordPress
Workplace 4th Floor, 56 Oxford Street
Manchester, M1 6EU United Kingdom
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