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Hello! Welcome to our Press Area. Here at Explore WordPress, we love sharing what we are doing with journalists and we’re always on hand to provide comment and quotes on industry topics. To get in touch and find out more, send us an email to: 

Name: Elliot Charles

Role: Founder

Email: elliot@explorewordpress.org

Company Overview

Explore WordPress has been specifically designed to help teach business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs the skills required to design, create and maintain a modern and functional website. 

Founded by Elliot and Sarah, who are also founders of boutique digital design agency 1.3 Creative, Explore WordPress understands just how confusing the digital world can be for new start-ups and small businesses. Without the knowledge or skills to build a website themselves, they are forced to use expensive website developers and then face lengthy periods to wait for their website to be updated with their latest news. 

Explore WordPress has been specifically designed to provide an affordable solution to teach them to take control. Our unique courses take them through, step-by-step, the skills needed to build a website from scratch as well as showing them how to use key functionalities to ensure the site is both visually attractive and as user-friendly as possible.

Our Goals

  • To provide a warm and welcoming environment for every student, allowing them to learn the required skills at their own pace. 
  • Give solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners the knowledge to take full control of their digital presence, allowing them to say goodbye to expensive web developers
  • Provide a nationwide service, eventually having an Explore WordPress course running in every county in the UK

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